Sunday, July 15, 2012

An attempt at the The Villanelle Verse Form

In an alternate universe you are mine
This hope too must I cast asunder
Because banished I am for a crime

I didn’t commit by the council prime
Of that dark and dangerous place where plunder
Rules and murder is considered a fine

Hobby for young bloods who often dine
Boasting of dastardly deeds, as they thunder 
For more ale, they will easily break the spine

For sport, of some serving wench, who catches their shine
This was my crime; as I dived under
The table to save one such poor soul from their sin

Now, I lie, banished as a good man, and pine
For you my love and wonder
That I would forever not be thine

Suspended as I am in this web, lying supine
On thorns that kill not but by thunder
Bleed me to death and then bind me in tine
Of life again, with only your memories to sustain me, over time

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