Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Hawk descending

Here's another of my poems

Hawk descending

I saw a Hawk hovering in the wind
"What a noble beast", thought I
Its wings caressed the air
Like a lover's touch
Then Suddenly,
It shot from its airy perch
And descending
Caught a clumsy hare

In death's embrace

Very often
Things that are lovely
Turn out to be
Birds of prey!

First verse

I wrote this ditty when the lights were out and we were having a candlelight dinner in the house.

Stupid little insects kept divebombing into the candles and as my wife had made suran ki subji(which I don't like) I put down the plate, took my pen and jotted down these lines instead...


Woh jo jalta hai, to jalne do, parvana hai
Apni aankhon ki shama tum na buzhao aise

Usko to vaise bhi, jalkar hi, jiye jaana hai
Uski kismat par, tum yun na, taras khao aise

Dekne do usey, ho lene do, rubaru lau se
Apni palkon ko, is kadar na, jhukao aise

Woh jo jalta hai, to jalne do, parvana hai...

Changing spots

'Tiger, tiger, burning bright, in the forests of the night', so goes a poem which I think is by William Blake. (In any case this is a photo of a leopard). My friend, colleague and soul sister Sukanya breezily suggested that I should start my own blog so she can post nasty comments on them. She also mentioned that I won't be able to shake off my usual lethargy to do something creative. Normally, I would have been my usual thick-skinned self and ignored her barbs...but I did have the time on my hands and the inclination to prove her wrong. The truth is, I am a bit of a closet...poet (Thanks to you, sukku, my secret is finally out) . And like everything else in life have been fairly inconsistent in keeping a record of my musings.
So, like a sleeping tiger suddenly awake (or a leopard hell bent on changing at least one of his spots) I have started this blog.
Err...umm...that's it for now
More will follow!