Wednesday, May 17, 2006

First verse

I wrote this ditty when the lights were out and we were having a candlelight dinner in the house.

Stupid little insects kept divebombing into the candles and as my wife had made suran ki subji(which I don't like) I put down the plate, took my pen and jotted down these lines instead...


Woh jo jalta hai, to jalne do, parvana hai
Apni aankhon ki shama tum na buzhao aise

Usko to vaise bhi, jalkar hi, jiye jaana hai
Uski kismat par, tum yun na, taras khao aise

Dekne do usey, ho lene do, rubaru lau se
Apni palkon ko, is kadar na, jhukao aise

Woh jo jalta hai, to jalne do, parvana hai...

1 comment:

Sukanya said...

arre mere sher..i mean shayar! now that the watergates ahve opened, keep spouting poetry and of course those brilliant pearls of wisdom that we've all come to love!